UTV Tire Weight Chart – Complete guide 2024

UTV side by side tire weight chart

Weight is crucial when selecting the best tire for your UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). The performance, stability, and maneuverability of your UTV are all impacted by the weight of its tires on various types of terrain. So what is the UTV Tire Weight Chart?

UTV Tire Weight Chart Here is a UTV tire weight chart that shows the average weight of popular UTV tire sizes:

Table Of UTV Tire Weight Chart :

Average Tyre Size Average  Weight
25×8-1220 Pounds
25×10-1223 Pounds
26×9-1225 Pounds
26×11-1228 Pounds
27×9-1227 Pounds 
27×11-12  30 Pounds
28×10-12  32 Pounds
28×12.5-15  43 Pounds
29.5×10-1438 Pounds
30×10-1440 Pounds
32×10-1542 Pounds
UTV Tire Weight Chart

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Please note that these weights are approximations and may change based on the brand and type of tire.

The following comprehensive guide will assist you in understanding UTV tire weight chart and picking the best tire for your requirements. 

  • Tyre Weight for UTV The weight of a single tire on a UTV is what is meant when no other accessories are present. 
  • UTV tires are available in various weights, from lightweight to heavy-duty. 
  • The size, tread design, and materials used in tire production all have an impact on how much a tire weighs

A UTV tire weight chart is useful for comparing and evaluating the weight of various UTV tires from leading brands.

Stated David Brown, a proficient UTV enthusiast and a critical reviewer.

Considering the Weight of UTV Tyres Take into account the following weight-related parameters when selecting a UTV tire:

The terrainThe terrain you will be driving on is another important factor to consider. Lighter tires are more suitable for soft, muddy terrain, while heavier tires provide better traction on rocky terrain.
WeightThe weight of your UTV and any additional cargo should be taken into account when selecting a tire. 
PerformanceThe weight of your UTV tires can affect your vehicle’s performance. Lighter tires improve acceleration and handling, while heavier tires provide better stability and durability.
A BudgetUTV tires come at various prices; Heavier tires are typically more expensive than lighter ones. Consider your budget and choose a tire that offers the best value for your needs. 

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Choosing the right UTV tire weight is crucial for optimal vehicle performance and safety. Use the UTV tire weight chart above and consider factors such as vehicle weight, terrain, performance, and budget when selecting a tire. 

Remember to also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for tire weight and size.

When one contemplates the selection of the apt tire for their UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), one must consider an important factor: weight. The tire’s weight plays a pivotal role in determining the vehicle’s performance, stability, and maneuverability on diverse terrain. 

This article presents an exhaustive guide that expounds upon UTV tire weight and furnishes insights that will aid you in making a prudent tire selection that fulfills your needs.

“To cull the precise UTV tires for your vehicle, cogitate on aspects like your vehicle’s mass, the topography of the terrain you’ll be traversing, and your budgetary limitations.”

Advised Lisa Chen, a tire dealer with a keen eye for customer satisfaction.

UTV Tire Weight Chart By Weight

UTV Tire Weight Chart By Weight

UTV Tire Weight Comparison

  • The weight of UTV tires varies according to its size, design, and maker. A UTV tire typically weighs between 20 and 35 pounds (9 and 16 kg) apiece.
  • Off-road tires that are bigger and more durable typically weigh more because of their strengthened construction and broader tread patterns that increase grip and durability. 

To increase speed and fuel economy on smoother surfaces, lighter tires are frequently employed. When selecting the best tires for your vehicle, it’s crucial to balance tire weight, performance, and the unique requirements of your UTV.

Outlaw Tire Weight

Outlaw Tire Weight

Outlaw Tires: Weight Chart Of UTV Tire

  • The weights of outlaw tires, which are frequently used for off-road and mud-focused UTV applications, vary according to their size and design.
  • The typical weight of an Outlaw mud tire is from 30 to 40 pounds (13.6 to 18.1 kg) per tire.
  • To handle difficult terrains, these tires include deep treads, aggressive patterns, and reinforced sidewalls. 

Improves Traction And Durability : UTV Tire Weight

In muddy, rocky, or rough terrain, their added weight above standard UTV tires improves traction and durability. Consider the performance of your UTV as a whole when choosing Outlaw tires by taking into account elements like power, suspension, and planned use.

UTV Tire Comparison Chart

UTV Tire Comparison Chart
  • When comparing UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) tires, take into account the size, tread pattern, and suitability of the terrain.
  • All-terrain tires provide a well-rounded alternative, operating effectively on a variety of conditions.
  • Mud tires, like the Outlaw series, are heavy and feature deep treads for mucky terrain. Sand tires have paddles that offer traction on dunes. 

Rock tires are made to be durable on rocky terrain. Performance is impacted by tire weight; although heavier tires provide better traction, they may reduce speed. Your preferred off-road terrain, vehicle characteristics, and desired trade-offs between traction, weight, and speed will all influence which UTV tire is best for you.

Weight Of UTV Tires

Weight Of UTV Tires

Side By Side Tire Weight Chart

UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) tire weight varies based on the tire’s size, tread pattern, and intended use. UTV tires typically weigh 20 to 40 pounds (9 to 18 kg) apiece. For faster and smoother surfaces, smaller, lighter tires are chosen, which encourages maneuverability and fuel efficiency. 

Weight Chart Of Utility Terrain Vehicle

Larger, tougher tires, which are frequently used for off-road excursions, may be heavier because of their reinforced design and aggressive tread patterns, which improve grip and durability on difficult surfaces. It’s vital to strike the ideal balance between weight, performance, and terrain adaptability when selecting UTV tires.

Maxxis Maxxzilla Tire Weight

Maxxis Maxxzilla Tire Weight

Maxxis UTV Tire Weight Chart

Popular UTV tires like the Maxxis Maxxzilla are well-known for their aggressive tread design and off-road capability. The size and shape of Maxx Zilla tires affect their weight. Maxxzilla tires typically weigh between 35 and 45 pounds (15.9 and 20.4 kg) apiece.

Maxx Zilla Tires: All Terrain Vehicles Tire Weight Chart

These tires have improved traction and durability and are made for rough terrain. They are better able to navigate difficult off-road terrain due to the extra weight. The performance of your UTV, including its power, handling, and suspension characteristics, should be taken into account while choosing Maxx Zilla tires.

How Much Do 32x10x15 UTV Tires Weigh?

The brand, model, and tread pattern can all affect the weight of 32x10x15 UTV tires. They might weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds per on average, with precise weights varying depending on the design and features of the tire.

What Is The Lightest 30 UTV Tire?

Depending on the manufacturers and available options, the lightest 30-inch UTV tire can change. Lightweight UTV tires in this size range typically weigh between 20 and 25 pounds per tire. For the most accurate and recent information, it is advised to conduct specialized model-specific research.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Tire?

Compared to larger SUV and truck tires, which may weigh up to 50 pounds (14 kg), automobile tires typically weigh 20 to 25 pounds (9 to 11 kg) on average. Size, design, and intended use all affect weight.

How Are UTV Tires Measured?

The diameter, width, and rim size are the three measurements used to measure UTV tires. A tire with the dimensions “32x10x15” for a standard UTV tire, for instance, would have a 32-inch diameter, a 10-inch breadth, and be made to fit a 15-inch rim.

Lightest 28 Inch UTV Tire : Tire Weight For UTV And ATV Vehicles

Currently, the lightest 28-inch UTV tire weighs between 20 and 25 pounds. With a focus on performance and maneuverability, these lightweight tires are made to provide increased speed and agility on a variety of surfaces.

UTV Wheel Weight Chart : UTV And Side By Side Tire Weight

The size, composition, and design of a UTV wheel can all affect its weight. UTV wheels normally weigh between 10 and 20 pounds each, with lighter wheels made for greater agility and heavier wheels made for greater sturdiness in harsh environments.

UTV Tire Weight Chart: Choosing The Right Tires

UTV Tire Weight Chart: Choosing The Right Tires

UTV tire weight connotes the weight of a solo tire absent any supplementary attachments. The weight of UTV tires varies significantly, ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty. 

The tire’s weight depends on diverse factors, such as the tire’s dimensions, tread design, and construction materials.

It is important to note that these weights are approximations and may vary depending on the tire manufacturer and model.

UTV Tire Weight Considerations: Tire Weight Chart For ATV

When you are selecting a UTV tire, several weight-related factors must be given careful consideration:

Vehicle WeightWhen selecting a tire, one must consider the weight of their UTV and any additional cargo. While heavier tires can carry more weight, they impede the vehicle’s acceleration and handling.
TerrainThe type of terrain on which you will be driving is a crucial factor that must not be overlooked. Lighter tires are more suitable for softer and muddier terrain, while heavier ones provide better traction on rocky terrain.
PerformanceThe weight of the UTV tires significantly affects the vehicle’s performance. Lighter tires enhance acceleration and handling, while heavier ones provide greater stability and durability.
BudgetUTV tires come in an extensive range of prices, and the heavier ones are generally more expensive than their lighter counterparts. One must consider their budget and select a tire that best meets their requirements.
UTV Tire Weight Considerations

The appropriate UTV tire weight selection is indispensable for attaining optimal vehicle performance and safety.

“Procuring the appropriate UTV tires is imperative as it can substantially impact your vehicle’s operation, maneuverability, and safety.”

Emphasized Mark Wilson, a seasoned UTV mechanic and master of mechanics.

 Reference the UTV tire weight chart provided above and consider weight-related factors such as vehicle weight, terrain, performance, and budget when selecting a tire. Adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for tire weight and size is also important.

Video link Shows Weight Chart Of UTV Tire: How Choosing The Right Tires!

Factors Affecting UTV Tire Weight: Overview Of UTV Tire Weight

Factors Affecting UTV Tire Weight: Overview Of UTV Tire Weight

 Numerous enigmatic and indeterminate factors may influence the largeness of Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tires. These capricious elements include, but are not limited to:

Tire DimensionsThe huge dimensions of a tire is a paramount and pivotal parameter that can ensue in its massiveness. Frequently, larger tires are more massive than their smaller counterparts.
Thread ConfigurationTires exhibiting a more aggressive and assertive tread design may be more substantial in weight due to the supplementary material necessary to construct the treads.
CompositionThe assemblage of the tire may also have a crucial bearing on its weight. Tires featuring denser and sturdier sidewalls or more robust bead areas might be more unwieldy than their flimsier counterparts.
Ply CountThe number of layers of material utilized in the tire, commonly called the ply rating, can likewise impact its mass.  
ManufacturerIt is imperative to note that disparate tire manufacturers may utilize varying materials and methodologies in their production process, which may inevitably culminate in a discernible dissimilarity in tire weight.
Factors Affecting UTV Tire Weight

It is paramount to entertain and consider these multifarious and enigmatic aspects when procuring UTV tires, as the tire’s weight may incontrovertibly impact the handling and performance of the vehicle across different terrains. 

An astute comprehension and discernment of the factors that influence UTV tire weight will enable one to opt for the appropriate tire, optimizing the vehicle’s performance and enhancing its overall safety.

“The avoirdupois of UTV tires can be influenced by sundry variables, comprising the dimensions, groove configuration, constitution, and materials exploited in the tire production.”

Asserted Sarah Johnson, an automotive engineer with a penchant for precision.


Comparing UTV Tire Weights: Top Brands Of UTV, ATV And Side By Side Tire

Comparing UTV Tire Weights: Top Brands Of UTV, ATV And Side By Side Tire

The UTV tire industry is replete with numerous brands offering a diverse spectrum of sizes and weights catering to the market’s ever-changing needs. 

Here’s an abstruse comparison of some of the top UTV tire brands and their average tire weights that could leave you scratching your head in confusion.

Maxxis: UTV, ATV And Side By Side Tire Weight Chart 

1. Maxxis, an illustrious brand, is synonymous with high-quality and durable tires. Their popular UTV tires come in various sizes, and their average weights are as follows: 

Carnivore28x10R-14 30x10R-14 32x10R-14(33 Pounds)(37 Pounds) (42 Pounds)
Bighorn 2.026×11-1227×09-14 27×11-14(29 Pounds)(29 Pounds) (34 Pounds)
UTV Tire Weight

ITP: Utility Vehicle Tire Weight Chart 

2. ITP, another prominent brand, is renowned for providing an extensive range of tire sizes and weights to cater to the varying needs of their clients. 

The followings are the popular ITP UTV tires and their average weights:

Bajacross25×08-12 25×10-12 26×09-12 26×11-12 (25 Pounds)(28 Pounds) (29 Pounds)(34 Pounds)
Blackwater Evolution26x9R-1226x11R-1227x9R-1227x11R-12(26  Pounds)(31 Pounds) (29 Pounds) (33 Pounds)
Side By Side Tire Weight Chart

STI: Weight Chart Of UTV Tire

3. STI, a nascent UTV tire brand, has rapidly gained momentum among UTV enthusiasts. 

The followings are the popular STI UTV tires and their average weights:

Chicane RX28x10R-1430x10R-14 32x10R-15 (29 Pounds)(32 Pounds) (36 Pounds)
Roctane XD28x10R-1430x10R-1432x10R-15(31 Pounds)(36 Pounds) (41 Pounds)
Weight Chart Of Utility Terrain Vehicle

BFGoodrich: UTV Tire Weight

4. BFGoodrich, a renowned tire brand, has entered the UTV market.

 The followings are the popular BFGoodrich UTV tires and their average weights:

Mud-Terrain T/A KM328x10R-1430x10R-1432x10R-15 (35 Pounds)(38Pounds) (42 Pounds)
All-Terrain T/A KO226x09R-1226x11R-1227x09R-1427x11R-14(30 Pounds)(36 Pounds) (32 Pounds)(37 Pounds)
All Terrain Vehicles Tire Weight Chart

It is worth noting that the tire above weights are mere averages, and the actual weight of a tire may vary depending on the size and model. 

When selecting UTV tires, several factors must be considered, including the vehicle’s weight, the terrain on which it will be driven, and the budget, to ensure that the appropriate tire is chosen to fulfill the user’s requirements.

 “Perusal of a UTV tire weight chart can actuate a well-informed decision in the selection of optimal tires for your vehicle.”

Proclaimed John Smith, an ardent UTV enthusiast and diligent blogger.

Using UTV Tire Weight Chart: Tips and Precautions For UTV And Side By Side Tire Weight

Using UTV Tire Weight Chart: Tips and Precautions For UTV And Side By Side Tire Weight

When perusing the UTV tire weight chart to determine the most appropriate tires for your vehicle, one must exercise caution and take heed of the following recommendations:

Authenticate Chart AccuracyVerifying the precision and currentness of the tire weight chart is crucial. Such charts may neglect to encompass the most recent tire models, and the weight figures recorded may be inherently flawed.
Account for Vehicle MassThe weight of your UTV is an indispensable factor when opting for tires. Heavy-duty machines may demand fortified, long-lasting tires to withstand the additional burden.
Elect Proper Tire SizeOpt for the fitting tire size for your UTV to evade the adverse impacts of maladroit handling, instability, and usefulness. Using undersized or oversized tires can pose considerable risk to your machine.
Factor in Driving ConditionsThe territory you intend to traverse is another pivotal element to contemplate when selecting UTV tires. More aggressive tread patterns and robust constructions may be necessary if you intend to drive on rugged or rocky terrains.
Mind Your FinancesUTV tires can be a substantial expense. Although top-of-the-line tires can enhance performance and safety, fiscal extravagance can lead to fiscal vulnerability.
Solicit Expert CounselGuidance from experienced professionals can be advantageous. Mechanics, tire dealers, and UTV enthusiasts can offer valuable insights and suggestions to help you make informed choices.
Tips and Precautions

Utilizing the UTV tire weight chart can be valuable in determining the appropriate tires for your vehicle. 

Considering the above tips and precautions, you can opt for reliable and sturdy tires to augment your vehicle’s performance and safety on the road or trail.


 If the optimal UTV tires are uncertain, guidance from experienced professionals can be advantageous. Mechanics, tire dealers, and UTV enthusiasts can offer valuable insights and suggestions to help you make informed choices.

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How significant is a chart for UTV tire weight?

 The significance of a chart for UTV tyre weight ought not to be underestimated. This tool is an instrument of great utility for comparing the weight of disparate UTV tires from preeminent brands. By availing oneself of a UTV tyre weight chart, one can be empowered to exercise informed discretion when selecting the most suitable tires for one’s vehicle.

What aspects affect the weight of UTV tires?

The weight of UTV tires is contingent upon a multitude of factors, some of which include the size, tread pattern, construction, and materials employed in the manufacture of the tire. It behooves one to consider these various facets when comparing the weight of UTV tires.

Can other sorts of vehicles utilize a UTV tire weight chart?

Although a UTV tyre weight chart is intended specifically for UTV tires, similar charts or online resources can facilitate the comparison of the weight of diverse kinds of tires. However, it is incumbent upon the user to ensure that the chart being consulted is pertinent to the type of vehicle being utilized.

How can I find the best UTV tires for my car?

Consider your vehicle’s weight, the terrain you’ll be traveling on, and your budget when choosing the best UTV tires for your ride. To better understand which tires are most appropriate for your requirements, you can also speak with professionals like mechanics or tire dealers and read reviews from other UTV enthusiasts.

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