Polaris RZR Speed Limiter Removal

Polaris RZR Speed Limiter Removal

As UTV lover, I often get thrilled by riding my polaris RZR are at highest speed without any limits. But I know that safety is important.

However, sometimes I do small upgrades to my RZR which makes it perform better. One of that is the speed limiter removal.

The RZR in this car model of Polaris signifies “Razor” (Razor sharp side-by-side). It is also called the Evil twin of Polaris Ranger which is one of the most popular cars of Polaris. This newly introduced Polaris RZR is a small vehicle that is also light in weight. It performs much faster compared to any of the side-by-side vehicles. Its twin-cylinder 800 EFI engine provides it with a lot of power, which makes it unique to any of its preceding models. However, can Polaris RZR speed limiter removal enhance its performance levels? 

Yes, when it comes to the removal of the speed limiter (i.e. in a Polaris RZR), it can enhance the overall vehicle’s speed. The speed limiter (basically) is a feature related to safety, which is designed so it can limit the vehicle’s speed to a range that is legal and safe.

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I have done speed limiter removal for my kawasaki mule, honda pioneer also , but here we are talking about the polaris rzr.

Furthermore, speed limiter removal ends up providing a great off-road experience. However, it can cause engine damage, and end up increasing wear and tear. It may also reduce fuel efficiency, transmission, and more.

Before you opt for making any amendments related to the speed limiter, ensure to consult a trusted professional or opt for a Polaris dealer. You must discuss with him/her the potential risks associated and whatever benefits you can get out of it.

Speed Limiter In Polaris RZR – All You Need To Know

Polaris RZR is a sports side-by-side vehicle produced by the Polaris industry. It’s one of the best UTVs for adventures, which include mud bogging, rock crawling, dune riding, trail exploring, and more.

It is the other name for an adrenaline rush. This gasoline-operated vehicle ranges from 2 seater to 4 seater type. It has its own engine design unique to its range of vehicles only. 

There are certain vehicles whose speed limiter works for each gear specifically and in others one single speed limiter works for all of the gears. With Polaris RZR, you get advanced adjustable speed limit settings.

The system can be easily accessed by anyone. This enables adults to supervise the speed of the vehicle. Even if the customer wants to remove this speed limiter system the dealer can not do so.

But if you really want to remove the speed limiter for polaris rzr, here is the solution.

What’s The Need To Remove The Speed Limiter In Polaris RZR?

As far as I know, there are two different types of speed limiters in vehicles. I come across both these types of speed limiters, when I work in my garage.

  • The first one is the adjustable type. It can be paid for as well as installed previously. The user can set his or her own speed limit in this. If the car goes beyond the maximum point it would slow down, stop, or rather won’t cross the limit.
  • Another type of speed limiter is linked with cameras and sensors. What it does is check its surroundings and intelligently control the speed.

Most of the vehicles have their speed limit button around the steering wheel or on indicator stalks. There is no particular need to remove a speed limiter that is manually operated because you can extend the speed limit.

But when it comes to pre-installed speed limiter cars like some models of Polaris RZR, it is completely a matter of choice whether or not to remove the speed limiter.

Yesterday I was riding my UTV through hills, and I got little fuel out there in UTV. Then I adjusted the speed of the UTV and then got to the next stop, where I refueled it.

I have reasons to remove the speed limiter, but if you have a good working polaris then it is not necessary to remove the speed limter.

Most people remove the speed limiter to raise the performance of their car and engine performance. But it will be a waste to use a car every day. It is a car that you can find on racing tracks and off-roading sites. Thus, these cars need more engine work and high performance.

  • Many Polaris RZR owners prefer to remove the speed limiter because the limiter may cause problems to their speed and performance on the tracks and adventures. They do so to alter a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) so the vehicle isn’t held back by any OEM parameters.
  • Another reason behind speed limiter removal is the economy. I do it for having a control of speed of vehicle and fuel economy. In difficult situations you can optimize the speed of your polaris rzr and get fuel saved.

Is it Safe To Remove The Speed Limiter In Polaris RZR?

Is it Safe To Remove The Speed Limiter In Polaris RZR?
Is it Safe To Remove The Speed Limiter In Polaris RZR?

It could prove to be dangerous to remove the speed limiter for someone who is not trained (or hasn’t consulted a professional before the same) to handle the vehicle with a speed more than what is set already by the manufacturer. It can further raise concerns about road legality, warranty of the vehicle, insurance, etc. 

Before opting for the removal of the speed limiter in the Polaris RZR, you have to keep in mind the potential risks, and reliability, and should not compromise safety concerns.

For the first time when I tried to remove my polaris RZR speed limiter, I had a mechanic to help. So if you are not well confident about yourself, it will be good to have a mechanic.

How to Remove the Speed Limiter in Polaris RZR?

Now I have shared you all the stuff you need to do polaris rzr speed limter. It’s time to actually do it.

If you know little about the rzr and UTVs, it is reccomended by me to have a mechanic in there.

Many buyers and users usually question the removal of the speed limiter in Polaris RZR.

  • So the first step is to opt for the removal of the seats. What it will do is it will expose the black plastic cover. This cover basically hides the transmission set-up. You will now notice a black tube that will be coming out.
  • Now, at this moment opt for loosening the hose clamps and then opt for the removal of the two black push fasteners.
  • At this point, opt for holding the vent pipe in place and then just opt for the removal of the tube completely.
  • Now, you will be able to see about 8 screws. Here, you will need to remove the screws and bolts i.e. on the seat belt mounting bar.
  • After removing the cover you will be able to see the clutch and CVT assembly.
  • Now, opt for unbolting the screws and loosening the center bolt.
  • At this point, simply slide the bolt and then take out the spacer.
  • Now, reinstall everything (as it was earlier) in its place, and voila, you are done.

This is image of my polaris RZR which I often take for the offroading. It has no speed limiters, as I have removed them by the process I just mentioned to you.


I often to little tweaks to my polaris rzr, so I tried to share them with you folks.

Here I told you step by step process of how you can remove the speed limiter in the first place.

If it is not your cup of tea, you can have a good mechanic around you. Always remember to have safety precautions.

The removal is very safe for the economy because it ensures reliability and speed. But in the case of performance, there is no guarantee of safety.

Without a speed limiter, it may exceed the general parameters of OEM and may also lead to severe mechanical breakdown. Overall, speed limiter removal can be beneficial but may vary from purpose to purpose


1. Do you feel Polaris RZR is worth the hype or money?

Polaris RZR is a heavy vehicle. It is mostly an off-roader, sporting type car. Also, as said by the company many times, this vehicle is built on purpose. So if you like hiking, off-roading, and having adventurous journeys in sand dunes, terrains, and forests then this is surely worth the hype and the money as well. There are many other cars in competition with this huge one but nobody stands similar to or even near this car.

2. Can you opt for bypassing the speed limiter?

Yes, you can do so by pressing the accelerator down really down.

3. How much does Polaris RZR cost in India?

Polaris RZR costs about 13.38 Lakhs to 59 Lakhs. RZR is powered by 2 cylinders, 760 CC petrol. There are many other models of Polaris RZR available in India and they have different price ranges.
For example, Polaris Rzr Xp 4 1000 Sport – Cruiser Black is at Rs 100000, Polaris RZR 200CC PRO XP is at Rs 975000 in Mumbai, Polaris Sportsman 1000 XP Ultimate Trail at Rs 800000 in Noida and many more.

3. What’s the reason behind the popularity of Polaris?

Polaris RZR is known for its heavy-duty performance. It is one of the most ideal cars for people who like adventures and seek thrills. Agile handling, improved transmission options, and smooth suspension allow you to tackle even the most difficult trails are few to mention. According to your need and choice, you can select between wider and narrower models of RZR.

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