Best UTV For FARM With Dump Bed

Best UTV for FARM with Dump with Bed

Modern farming practices depend heavily on UTVs, or Utility Task Vehicles, which are versatile vehicles. Heavy loads can be carried with a UTV, and they can be used for transportation on rough terrain as well.

The versatility and practicality of these vehicles have led to their increasing popularity in agriculture.

Farmers are beginning to understand how important UTVs are for farming tasks. Farmers are more worried about the dependability and performance of the vehicle they seek than sport and recreational UTV users are. Farmers don’t have time to goof around, so this is necessary.

People’s life has been made easier by performance-based UTV utility side-by-side for many years.

Moreover, you might want to think about a UTV with a dump bed if you intend to haul a lot of cargo with it. What are the best UTVs for farms with dump beds?

5 Best UTVs for Farming

  1. Can-Am Defender PRO XT Flat Bed
  2. Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT EPS
  3. Yamaha Viking Eps
  4. Polaris Ranger 1000
  5. John Deere Gator XUV835M HVAC

1. Can-Am Defender PRO XT Flat Bed

A Can-Am Defender PRO XT is parked in a room.

Heavy loads must be transported during farming operations, necessitating sturdy trucks. This is a fantastic option to take into consideration for this.

The vehicle is equipped with an 82-horsepower 976cc Rotax V-Twin and is ready to operate all day on the farm.

Also, this side-by-side is capable of carrying 2,500 pounds with ease. Moreover, the cargo box on the Can-Am Defender PRO XT flatbed can be extended to provide room for bigger stuff.

The enlarged box also has a space beneath it that might be used for additional storage.

With a capacity of around 80 gallons, this enlarged box can be seen from both the driver and passenger sides. This is a top Can-An product that farmers should take into consideration.

2. Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT EPS:

 Kawasaki products are always reliable, and this is no exception. In this vehicle, the smaller cargo bed can be extended to convert it from a three-seater into a sit-seater.

This bed is spacious enough to carry up to 350 pounds when extended. Moreover, it can support 1,000 pounds when used as a three-seater.

a shoo-in for this list because of its creature comforts, its strength, its reliability, and its Mule branding.

You can choose the Polaris Range XP 1000 if you want a faster rig than the Mule, or if you need more space than the Kawasaki Mule.

It makes Rangers from base-model strippers up to fully enclosed luxury UTVs with HVAC, stereos, and navigation. 

This UTV, which is among the finest side-by-side UTVs for farmers, is propelled by an 812cc, three-cylinder engine that has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds.

Another characteristic that sets this side-by-side apart from other UTVs is its three-year warranty.

3. YAMAHA Vikis EPS:

A blue and black Yamaha Viking on a white background.

For years, this side-by-side has maintained an impressive reputation without sacrificing any features. To accommodate farmers’ wants and preferences, the UTV has undergone a number of upgrades.

A single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 686CC and an astonishing amount of torque powers the vehicle.

The steel cargo can take up to 600 pounds. As the farmers will need heavy stuff, they have enough spacious space.

4. Polaris Ranger 1000

A leading manufacturer of side-by-sides is Polaris. This UTV is one of the greatest side-by-side for farmers among the many items produced by the company over the years that have improved its reputation.

The vehicle can haul up to 2500 pounds of load in the machine and another load can add up to 1000 pounds in the cargo bed. The interior storage within the space can go up to 18.4 gallons.

5. John Deere Gator XUV835M HVAC.

Farmers frequently encounter difficulties while operating UTVs on farms since the weather is not always predictable enough to be cooperative.

This vehicle includes a fully enclosed air-conditioned, heated cab to alleviate the hardship farmers saw operating their side-by-side ATVs in unfavorable weather.

It can lift up to 2000 pounds of stuff while the cargo box in it has a capacity of 1000 pounds.

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A red and black Polaris Ranger 900 XP is parked in a green field.

Having a dump bed means you can dump whatever you want by tilting it as a whole. There can be many other uses listed below:

The uses of dump beds are:

  • Moving tools, dirt, and more at a construction site
  • Transporting equipment and feed down muddy roads on a farm
  • Hauling mulch for landscaping
  • Moving cargo across an extensive golf course without tearing up the fairway.

Why it saves your back:

It might be laborious to manually remove everything off your bed. It could also be annoying. Hand-unloading loads repeatedly can be exhausting and bad for your back. You might just save time and work by using a dump bed.

The Best Farm Work Accessories for your UTV with A dump bed:

When it comes to farming, the usefulness truly shines through in the accessories. Your agricultural equipment becomes a more cutting-edge machine by adding the extra attachments.

Let’s have a look at which of the many high-quality off-road accessories Can-Am offers are most likely to be beneficial for farming.

Some of the farm accessories that are needed in the UTV with a dump bed:

EXTRA PROTECTION AT THE FARM: The farm is a challenging setting. Front and rear bumpers that provide additional protection may accomplish a number of tasks and increase the lifespan of your car.

To safely utilize your ATV amid cow herds and ensure the safety of both the vehicle and the animals, Can-Am provides customized Rancher Front and Rear Bumpers.

These bumpers enable you to do everything from gently prodding calves to pushing a gate closed.

As a big cargo might easily slide forward, a headache rack is essential to protect the cab and its occupants. The Defender’s Deluxe Headache rack is a prime illustration.

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Repeated journeys cost time, and on a farm, time is money. When transporting heavy amounts of stones, feed, tools, or hay, there must be ample storage.

especially when using an ATV, which has less room than a side-by-side. The LinQ heavy-duty basket for your ATV is one accessory that may significantly boost your load capacity.

With a SxS/UTV, the bed’s capacity may easily be increased by adding storage attachments.

For Can-Defender Am’s vehicles, the Bed Wall Extension is a folding panel that can be raised to full or half height to optimize the bed area.


 While traversing difficult terrain or soft ground like mud, snow, or sand, a winch is essential to help you out of sticky situations. There is always hope with a winch.

An excellent choice for lifting big, heavy goods or hauling away the cleaning debris is a winch. A Defender series that has been factory-fitted is present in the majority of Outlander models.

COMPARING ELECTRIC VS GAS UTVs With Dump beds for agricultural work:

  1. Power and Performance: Gas-powered UTVs typically have more power and better performance than their electric counterparts.

    This is because gas engines produce more torque and horsepower than electric motors, which translates to better acceleration, towing capacity, and overall performance.
  2. Range: The biggest limitation of electric UTVs is the range. Most electric UTVs can range from 50-100 miles on a single charge, while fuel UTVs can go a further distance.

    If anyone wants to go over a large distance a gas-powered UTV is a better option.
  3. Maintenance: Electric UTVs require less maintenance than gas UTVs. Electric motors have fewer moving parts, so there are fewer things that can break or wear out over time.

    Additionally, electric UTVs don’t need oil changes, spark plugs, or other routine maintenance that gas UTVs require.
  4. Environmental Impact: Electric vehicles have zero impact which makes them a cleaner source.

    They also have a quieter operation, which can be important to consider if someone is working in noise-sensitive areas.


  1. Choosing the right size: Many times the dump bed that is of the right size needs to be chosen. If you need large loads a dump bed is more efficient for such cases.

    Sometimes a small load is required then a smaller bed will be preferable.
  2. Using proper loading techniques: distributing the weight evenly and avoiding overloading the bed.

    This will ensure that the UTV remains stable and easy to maneuver. It is also recommended that you keep the load as low as possible to reduce the chances of it tipping over.
  3. Choosing the right UTV: Make sure the UTV you choose is comfortable and efficient for your needs.

    To handle the load in the dump bed, you should look for features such as a comfortable seat, a good suspension, and enough horsepower and torque.

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A red and black Kawasaki Mule is parked in front of wall.

Making sure your dump bed on UTV is clean and free of dirt and debris is the first step to caring for it. 

  • Make sure the fabric is not damaged by cracks, tears, or holes that may have developed from previous use. Before continuing, you will need to replace these parts whenever they are in need of replacement.
  • Before painting or applying any other materials to the UTV dump bed, it is important to make sure the surface is completely dry. When you apply the coating early in the process, it will adhere well and last longer than if you wait until later in the process.

Tips on maintaining your UTV’s Dump Bed: The dump bed is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

In the off-road world, it can be a real lifesaver since it keeps the engine cool and helps you change tires or oil easily.

Ensure that you maintain the dump bed regularly so that it doesn’t wear out quickly and that you can clean it when necessary.

To take care of your dump bed, follow these steps:

1. Check for loose bolts or screws around the edge of the bed before removing any parts from it. If there are any loose parts, remove them with a screwdriver or socket wrench.

2. If you want to clean your dump bed regularly, use a mild soap such as dish soap or baby shampoo instead of harsh chemicals like bleach or pine tar to wash away dirt and grime from your vehicle’s underside surface areas such as the undercarriage, trunk lid cover, body panels, doors, and windows (especially headlights), etc.

3. After washing off all traces of dirt and grime with a sponge or rag soaked in water mixed with mild liquid dishwashing detergent (not bar soap), rinse off using cold water only (to prevent rusting).

Dry thoroughly using an old towel or rag before reinstalling any removed parts back.

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If you are going to go searching for a good UTV for farming, then this can be a better option.

The most common purpose of a UTV on a farm is to move things around. This can be feed manure or anything else you need to move around on your farm.

Any of the farming UTVs can be dependent on the following factors. Also, attaching tools to the back of the UTV.

You will save so much time on the farm if you have a UTV. As opposed to walking around the land wasting time, you can get where you need to be in no time at all.

Your farm will benefit greatly from a UTV. As far as I am concerned, my UTV has been my most frequently used machine.



Ans. Yes, you can upgrade your UTV with a dump bed and accessories. There are many aftermarket manufacturers that offer dump bed kits and accessories that can be installed on your UTV. Some of them that can be used are:

  1. Tailgate Extenders
  2. Cargo rocks
  3. Bed liners
  4. Side panels
  5. Hydraulic lift kits

Are UTVs with dump Beds more effective for farm labor than tractors?

Ans: UTVs with dump beds are more effective for farm labor than tractors because they can easily move through the fields, which is essential for those who work in the fields.

This is because tractors can only go so fast, and they cannot easily go through areas where there is a lot of dirt. However, UTVs with dump beds can easily navigate through the dirt as well as other obstacles that may be on their way.


Ans: Yes, you can. Your UTV with a dump bed is perfectly safe to use in a variety of situations.

You can use it for working in the yard, transporting materials to your home or business, and even doing construction work around the house. You can also use it for off-roading and recreational activities.

The dump bed on your UTV with a dump bed will not affect its ability to handle heavy loads or perform other tasks it was designed for.

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